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How to Find a Job on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites for jobseekers (alongside LinkedIn). As more and more companies take to the internet to voice their opinions, news and job vacancies, social media sites have become a great way to connect with potential employers and to find out about new opportunities. So if you are trying to find work through Twitter take a look at our checklist to help you find employment.

How to Stand Out on Linked In

Linked In is an invaluable source for jobseekers. With over 225 million users worldwide, it’s the go-to website for candidates looking to make professional connections. So if you have a profile on Linked In, how do you make it stand out amongst the crowd? Here…

Why You Should Keep Your Online Profile Updated

During your job search there are a lot of things to keep on top of. You’ll need to keep your CV writing up to date, write multiple cover letters, speak to recruitment companies and keep checking for the latest job vacancies. But one of the most important things to check on during a job hunt is your online profile. Having an online profile during a job hunt can improve your chances of finding a job. Here is why: