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Three Tips to Secure a Pay Rise

This time of year is common for assessing finances and careers. George Osborne is about to release the latest budget and many employees will be listening out for changes that may affect them – most notably an apparent move to a tax-free allowance of £10,000. The budget is expected to ‘lower the pressure on low and middle income earners.’ So with finances in the spotlight, you may be looking at your own career and pay check and wondering how you can make changes. We’ve listed below some tips on how you could improve your earnings and work towards a pay rise.

Incomes to Decrease

Household incomes are expected to fall by 7.4% in three years. Following George Osborne’s Autumn statement the Independent Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) believe that the average income will not rise. The average household salary in 2016 and is expected to be no higher than…