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How to Stay Happy at Work

It’s natural to get the Monday blues but if you’re feeling unhappy every day at work it can start to affect your lifestyle. Feeling more positive at work can not only boost your work performance but it can help you to feel more relaxed during out-of-office hours. Here are our tips to help you stay happy in the workplace!

How to Boost Your Monday Motivation

Mondays are notoriously difficult. Everyone knows that, when it comes to getting into work mode, the start of the week is always the toughest time. The weekend has been and gone and it’s time to get back to work or, if you’re looking for a…

Getting Motivated for Your Working Week

If you don’t like Mondays at work, you are not alone. Many people find it difficult to get back into their work routine on a Monday morning. It’s the start of an entire week of scheduling, organising and work commitments. But if you head in…

Industry Spotlight: Working as a Life Coach

Life Coaching in the UK is becoming more popular and it can be an incredibly rewarding career. But how do you break into the industry? In this interview Jobulo talks to Life Coach Becki Houlston about her career and she shares some CV tips for those wanting to work…