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The Benefits of Flexible Working

Many companies across the UK offer some form of flexible working – whether it’s allowing their staff to work from home one day a week or offering toil (time off in lieu). So if you are considering working for a company that offer flexible working, what are the exact benefits? Check out our latest advice article to find out.

Flexible Jobs

If you work 9-5 and want the opportunity to work flexible hours and to increase your salary then you could look at flexible working. There are a variety of jobs out there that offer flexible working – whether it’s part time or ad hoc work….

Freelance Job Search Tips

Freelance work can be great for your CV template. It can enhance your experience, improve your career history and open up new contacts. But if you are searching for freelance work there are a few things you should remember to increase your chances of finding…

A Guide To Working From Home

There are a variety of job roles you can work in and most will involve working from an office. But occasionally you may have the opportunity to work from home. Although working from home can be very beneficial there are a few things you should…