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Taking a Career Break

There may come a time in your career where you feel you need to take a break. Career breaks are quite common especially for candidates who have been working in a position for a long time. We’ve listed below some tips on when to take a career break and how it can fit around your work.

Boosting Your Business Profile

Whatever industry you are working in, you’ll probably want to further your career and profile. Boosting your career profile should be something you look at regularly as it can make you better known in your field and could lead to job opportunities. So just how do you and your CV template get noticed in your chosen industry?

How to Resign at Work

Picture it; you’ve been working in a dead end job for what feels like years and you really dislike your boss. You have just been offered your dream job so now you can finally quit! Although it’s tempting to take your CV and walk out without saying goodbye, it’s important to resign correctly and to keep in contact with your old colleagues. Check out our tips below to help you hand your notice in, in style!