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Industry Spotlight: Working in Nursing

Working in Nursing can be very rewarding but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Lisa Lane is currently studying to be a Children’s Nurse and is in her final year of training. In this interview she talks to Jobulo about what it’s like to study the profession and gives an insight into the industry.

Industry Spotlight: Working in Dentistry

Becoming a Dentist can take years of studying and work experience but, once qualified, the job offers variety and flexibility as Dentist Chris Preston explains. As owner of the Riverside Dental Practice in Devon, Chris tells Jobulo what it’s really like to be a Dentist and offers some career advice.

Industry Spotlight: Working in Recruitment

Working in HR and Recruitment is fast paced and competitive. But the rewards can be great. So what does it take to be a Recruiter? And what’s a day in the office really like?

Natalie Lester, an in-house HR Administrator for a Recruitment team, talks to Jobulo about the industry and offers some career advice.

How to Organise a Work Meeting

Every so often you may find yourself needing to hold a staff meeting. This could be because your manager has requested it, there is a new development in your team that you need to make everyone aware of or you have a project you would…

Industry Spotlight: Finding a Temporary Job

Although hiring activity in the UK is beginning to pick up, many people are still finding it tough to find full time employment. So instead many candidates turn to temping agencies to help them find temporary work.

Kerry Laws is currently temping for a banking firm on the South Coast. She tells Jobulo about her temping experience and offers some job search advice.

Industry Spotlight: How to Become a Radiographer

Working as a Radiographer can be very rewarding and it offers lots of career progression. But how long does it take to qualify? And how can you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs?

Ed Lock, currently in his last year of studying for a Radiography Degree, talks to Jobulo. He tells us what it’s like working on the job and shares some career tips.

Industry Spotlight: Working in Event Management

Working in Event Management can be tough but the rewards are varied. Working at festivals, running sporting events and travelling are just a few of the perks this industry has to offer.

Jobulo speaks with Area Manager Helen Vits about how she got into the industry and asks for her CV tips.