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how to keep fit at work

How to Keep Fit at Work

Whether you work a shift pattern and have to avoid a late-night donut or you work in a desk job and keep being offered your colleague’s birthday cake – keeping weight off in an office environment can be tough. A study last year by Wonderful…

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Why You Need a Good Manager

*Opinion Piece Good managers are essential in the workplace. At least I think so. I have worked in a variety of companies with a variety of different managers and have encountered both good managers and absolutely terrible ones. One of my first ever jobs was…

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Jobs for Extroverts

In the workplace generally there are two types of candidate personalities – introverts and extroverts. Introverts usually like working alone in solitary roles and enjoy structure to their working day whilst extroverts are more interested in team work and working in a dynamic, lively environment….

Industry Spotlight: Working as a National Trust Ranger

If you want to work outside and have a keen interest in conservation then a career as a National Trust Ranger could be for you. With a variety of responsibilities including beach and countryside management, nature conservation and visitor engagement – it’s a career that will see you working outdoors in all types of weather.

To find out more about this job and to gain some tips for those looking to work in the industry, Jobulo talks to Ranger Lesley Wilson.