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How to Build Rapport with Work Colleagues

Building rapport with work colleagues can really help you to boost confidence in the workplace and can also help you to feel more content and positive. Building relationships with colleagues can also lead to career progression and could also be beneficial for the references section…

Do CV Stunts Get You the Job?

The news has been full of creative CVs recently. Whether it’s creating an Amazon CV, designing a CV made of cake or distributing a chocolate bar CV – it seems candidates all over the country are trying to get creative in order to grab attention. So…

Working in a Ski Resort

One of the most popular seasonal jobs is working in a ski resort. There are a variety of jobs to do – from being a Chalet Host to becoming a Ski Instructor. So what does it take to work on the slopes? And is it as glamorous as it seems?

Ten Things a Recruiter Hates About You

If you have sent your CV to a recruitment company then you’ll probably be looking for their help to find work. Recruitment companies can improve your job chances by searching for relevant positions, coaching you for the interview and negotiating with the employer on your behalf. But in order to have a successful working relationship with a recruiter you need to impress them and build rapport. Here are ten things a recruiter is likely to dislike in a candidate and some tips on how to avoid them.

How to Boost Your Monday Motivation

Mondays are notoriously difficult. Everyone knows that, when it comes to getting into work mode, the start of the week is always the toughest time. The weekend has been and gone and it’s time to get back to work or, if you’re looking for a…

Industry Spotlight: How to Become a Social Media Manager

Social media sites are a vital part of most business operations today. Many companies use Facebook, Twitter and other sites to interact with their customers and to release their latest news. Once seen as a way to switch off from work and socialise with friends, social media is fast becoming a career path – with many companies hiring social media experts to help them improve customer service and brand awareness.

Five Ways to Avoid Pulling a Sickie at Work

Today has been branded as National Sickie Day, the one day of the year workers across the country are expected to call in to work sick.

Apparently the first Monday in February sees record numbers of employees taking a sick day, with over 375,000 workers expected to stay at home. It’s thought bad weather and post Christmas blues are contributing factors. Many employers don’t believe workers when calling in sick at this time of year so if you’re feeling a bit groggy and want to stay out of your bosses bad books – check out these tips to help you avoid pulling a sickie.