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Three Ways to Secure a Summer Job

The weather in the UK has been heating up and summer is well and truly on the way. If you are studying at university or college, you may be starting your summer job search now in order to ensure you earn some extra cash during…

Industry Spotlight: Finding a Content Producer Job

With the vast majority of organisations now investing in the web to find and attract business, there seems to be more demand for candidates that specialise in online content creation. Many companies now use websites, social media and video to engage with customers and therefore there is a need for candidates who can both deliver content and interact with customers online.

HSBC Set to Cut More UK Jobs

Banking firm HSBC has announced it plans to cut over 3,000 jobs in the coming months. The plans, which are in an effort to reduce company costs, could see up to 3,166 jobs lost throughout the UK. HSBC, which employs almost 50,000 people in the…

Tips on Working in a Second Job

Many people are now turning to a ‘second job’ in order to boost their salary. Many employees across the country work a 9-5 job and then a second job in the evenings and at weekends to boost salary. So if you are considering applying for…

How to Make a Good First Impression

Whether you are attending a job interview or starting your first day of work, making a good impression is essential. Check out these tips below to help you make a positive impact in the workplace: • Write a good CV! One of the most important…

Going Back to Work for an Ex Employer

Many people believe that when you leave a position, you shouldn’t go back. But if your ex-employer contacts you and offers you a job you can’t turn down, there’s no reason why you can’t work for your old boss. If you do find yourself in this position check out these tips to help you fit back into the company.