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The Benefits of Flexible Working

Many companies across the UK offer some form of flexible working – whether it’s allowing their staff to work from home one day a week or offering toil (time off in lieu). So if you are considering working for a company that offer flexible working, what are the exact benefits? Check out our latest advice article to find out.

Industry Spotlight: Deep Sea Diver Jobs

Have you ever considered a career as a Deep Sea Diver? There are a variety of jobs you can apply for in this industry but most have similar responsibilities. Working under water, the job involves wearing specialised equipment and is extremely physical. So what’s a day like at work?

Jobulo talks to Mike Long, a Deep Sea Diver, to find out about the job and he shares some CV tips for those wanting to work in the industry.

UK Youth Unemployment Increases

New figures out today show that the unemployment rate has fallen again in the UK but youth unemployment has increased. The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, reveal that during the three months to June this year, the unemployment rate fell by 4,000.There’s now…

How to Stand Out on Linked In

Linked In is an invaluable source for jobseekers. With over 225 million users worldwide, it’s the go-to website for candidates looking to make professional connections. So if you have a profile on Linked In, how do you make it stand out amongst the crowd? Here…

How to Survive Work During the Heat Wave

The heat wave in the UK has seen many parts of the country reach temperatures of up to 34C. So how does this affect your working day? Some MPs have suggested that employees should be sent home if they are working indoors with temperatures over 30C but if you haven’t been sent home yet, here are some tips on how to survive a day in the office during the heat wave.