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Industry Spotlight: Working for the Police

There are a variety of roles available within the police. Many people start out as a Patrol Constable working in their local area and some go on to more specialised roles. From working as a Police Officer to working as a Crime Analyst – there are a number of job opportunities. So what is it like working for the police? And what career progression is available?

Scary Jobs in the UK

It’s almost that time of year again. Pumpkins will be bought, scary movies are about to be dusted off and confectionery will be stocked up on in preparation for the holiday. And as Halloween approaches the team at Jobulo look at some truly terrifying jobs…

Top Three Scariest Jobs in the UK

Halloween is the scariest time of year, that’s for sure. Pumpkins are carved, gruesome outfits are bought and horror movies are lined up all over the country in preparation for the event. And Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays, worth over £300m in the UK! To join in with the spooky events, the team at Jobulo have been looking into some of the scariest jobs in the UK and whittled it down to just three.

Industry Spotlight: Working as a National Trust Ranger

If you want to work outside and have a keen interest in conservation then a career as a National Trust Ranger could be for you. With a variety of responsibilities including beach and countryside management, nature conservation and visitor engagement – it’s a career that will see you working outdoors in all types of weather.

To find out more about this job and to gain some tips for those looking to work in the industry, Jobulo talks to Ranger Lesley Wilson.


Industry Spotlight: Dietitian Careers

If you are interested in nutrition and diet then a career as a Dietitian could be for you. Those working in dietetics specialise in interpreting nutrition science and helping patients to overcome health issues with healthy eating and lifestyle choices. But with so many areas to work in, what does a career as a Dietitian actually involve? And what kind of experience do you need on your CV to apply for jobs?