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Industry Spotlight: Accountancy

With a variety of Accounting firms across the country there are many routes you can take to get into the industry.

Jobulo talks with Gemma Pilkington, an Accountant from Southampton, to find out how she did it and to ask for some job search advice.

Gap in the UK Getting Bigger?

A recent report has suggested that the economic gap is getting bigger between some cities in the UK. The report detailed some areas that are claiming high levels of jobseekers allowance and some that are not. Hull and Cambridge figures have dramatically changed within the…

Inflation Rate Drops

According to the Office for National Statistics the UK inflation rate fell to 4.2% in December. In November it was at 4.8% and the drop is apparently largely due to the drop in prices by the highstreet in a bid to get people shopping during…

Industry Spotlight: Teaching

Becoming a Teacher can be a long process and it can be difficult to decide how to get into the industry, what age group you would like to work with and what you would like to teach.

In this Industry Spotlight, Jobulo talks to Lisa Batchelor, a Junior School teacher from Hampshire, to get her insight on the industry.

Unilever Strikes

It has been reported that employees of Unilever will be setting up 24 hour strikes throughout January. The strikes will be in a protest over pensions and the company’s proposal to cut the final salary scheme. This January will see leaders of the relevant unions…

Industry Spotlight: Holistic Therapy

If you’ve ever wanted to work as a Holistic Therapist there are a number of ways you can achieve this. From being self-employed and growing your own client base to working for an organisation or health-centre.

Jobulo caught up with Amy Harrison, who has owned her own Holistic Therapy business, to find out some tips on working in this industry.

New Year, New Career?

As we say hello to another new year you may be making some New Year’s resolutions. And one of them might be to find a new, more rewarding job or to change your career path altogether.