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Retail Purchases Increase

Despite the dismal retail reports during Christmas, retail sales have risen by 0.9% during January. It was reported late last year that the UK high street was suffering – with less people visiting stores and instead opting to buy online. But the Office for National…

UK Unemployment Still Rising

During the end of last year UK unemployment figures reached a high – with 2.67 million people out of work. The figures, reported by the BBC, indicate that 48, 000 more people were unemployed during the build up to Christmas. The current unemployment rate in…

Industry Spotlight: Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists across the country help to treat people with physical problems by focusing on improving physical movement. As well as being a hugely rewarding profession there are a variety of opportunities – from working within the NHS to starting your own business.

Rokhsaneh Tehrany is a qualified Physiotherapist and is currently studying for her PHD. She talks with Jobulo and shares an insight into the industry and some career advice.

300 Jobs for Dyson?

After a record breaking year, hoover manufacturer and engineering company Dyson has suggested they could create 300 jobs. The company has made £1bn for the first time ever and to celebrate they have suggested they will create extra jobs – 8% of their current workforce….

Another Strike Imminent?

A few months ago public sector staff across the country conducted a one-day strike over pensions and it looks like it could happen again. The Unite trade union may hold a fresh strike ballot for its 100, 000 members in the NHS, reports the BBC. The…

Consumers Avoiding Credit Card Spending

According to a recent report on the BBC website, the demand for credit cards is decreasing. Consumers are opting to borrow elsewhere as figures show that the number of credit cards used in the country during 2011 had significantly decreased when compared to previous years. The PwC…

UK Service Sector Grows

A new survey has found the UK’s service sector has grown rapidly since the New Year. Apparently it’s been the fastest growth in the industry since March 2011. The service sector currently accounts for 70% of the UK’s economy. The latest news suggests that, despite…

Graduate Pay to Increase?

It has been estimated that Graduates’ pay will increase by roughly 4% this year. The Association of Graduate Recruiters has suggested these figures although they revealed they believe the number of job vacancies will decrease. The previous starting wage for graduates was predicted at £25,…