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How to Resign at Work

Picture it; you’ve been working in a dead end job for what feels like years and you really dislike your boss. You have just been offered your dream job so now you can finally quit! Although it’s tempting to take your CV and walk out without saying goodbye, it’s important to resign correctly and to keep in contact with your old colleagues. Check out our tips below to help you hand your notice in, in style!

Thousands of UK Mini Jobs Saved

£250m is set to be invested in the UK production of Minis, saving thousands of jobs in the process. BMW has announced its plans for investment and will be investing the money over three Mini factories during the next three years. This development will safeguard…

How to Organise a Work Meeting

Every so often you may find yourself needing to hold a staff meeting. This could be because your manager has requested it, there is a new development in your team that you need to make everyone aware of or you have a project you would…

Industry Spotlight: Finding a Temporary Job

Although hiring activity in the UK is beginning to pick up, many people are still finding it tough to find full time employment. So instead many candidates turn to temping agencies to help them find temporary work.

Kerry Laws is currently temping for a banking firm on the South Coast. She tells Jobulo about her temping experience and offers some job search advice.

Frontline Police Jobs Set to be Cut

Future government budget cuts will see almost 6,000 front line police officer jobs axed during the next three years. The report, by the HMIC, has suggested that 179 stations will close before 2015. The closures could see up to 5,800 jobs lost. Some police stations…