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Three Tips to Help You Win Your Dream Job

Most people have a dream job. It could be working on a desert island, becoming an Author or just working in a role where you feel appreciated and valued. Whatever your idea is of a dream job we’ve listed below three tips that will hopefully…

How to Look for Jobs on Holiday

The weather has been scorching in the UK but its set to change this weekend – right on time for the Bank Holiday! That’s probably the reason why 1.8 million Brits are packing their bags this weekend and heading on a sun holiday. But if…

A Level Results Fall

For the first time in 20 years there has been a fall in the number of A and A* grades awarded at A Level. Thousands of college students all over the UK will be getting their results today and the results so far show 26.6…

Looking For Work After Your Exams

A Level results are due out today for thousands of students in the UK. And sitting exams and waiting for results can be terribly daunting. Studying can take years and could land you your dream course at uni or your dream job. So if you’ve…

What Not to Wear at the Office

Everybody has them. You know, those days where you just want to curl up in your pyjamas, slurp a cup of tea and forget to brush your hair. Some companies even offer ‘duvet days’ to their employees so you can do just that. But if…

Industry Spotlight: Working in Dentistry

Becoming a Dentist can take years of studying and work experience but, once qualified, the job offers variety and flexibility as Dentist Chris Preston explains. As owner of the Riverside Dental Practice in Devon, Chris tells Jobulo what it’s really like to be a Dentist and offers some career advice.