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How to Stay Awake at Work

During a day at work it can be very easy to start falling asleep at your desk. Staring at your computer screen, caffeine crashes and bad lighting can all lead to you feeling exhausted in the workplace. Check out these tips to help you stay fresh faced and to make it through to home time.

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Unfortunately this is something that happens to everyone, at some point in their career. Dealing with a boss that you don’t get on with can be highly frustrating and can affect your work results. Whether it’s their personality you don’t like or the way they delegate work, you need to deal with this issue immediately as it could hinder your career progression. Here are some ways of dealing with a bad boss.

Industry Spotlight: How to be a Pro Surfer

Most people dream of turning their hobby into a job but very few people make it a reality.

Andrew Cotton, based in Devon, grew up following surfing and is now a professional surfer. He took a few minutes out from his busy schedule to talk to Jobulo and to share some career advice on turning a passion into a career.

Industry Spotlight: Finding a Marketing Job

There are a variety of roles within the Marketing industry – whether it’s working in an agency, in-house, directly with consumers or working in a business-to-business environment.

Alex Croucher has worked in the Marketing industry for several years and owns his own business, Croucher Edwards. He reveals his career tips in this interview with Jobulo.

Jobulo Team Attend the Paralympics 2012

This summer truly has been jam-packed with sport and the Jobulo team were lucky enough to get a glimpse of it at the weekend as we attended the Paralympics 2012! This summer has seen London host two of the biggest sporting events in the world,…

Industry Spotlight: Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be very rewarding. Izzy Lane has operated several businesses and is the founder of organic box company Farmaround. In this interview she talks to Jobulo about setting up the business and shares some entrepreneurial advice. Tell Us About Your Career Background to…