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How to Progress to a New Job

If you are bored in your current position and looking for change then follow these simple steps to help you land a new job. Prepare Your CV Preparing your CV template is crucial in order to look for a new job. Sit down and update your CV…

Using a Blog to Help Your Job Search

Most people start blogs as a creative outlet and as a bit of fun. But did you know blogging could potentially help your job search and increase your chances of securing a job? Here is how to use a blog to increase your chances of…

Perfecting Your Winter Work Wardrobe

So, the summer is well and truly over. Sunglasses have been put back in their cases, flip-flops have been thrown in the wardrobe and the sun has put its pyjamas on. So where does that leave your work wardrobe? Dressing for winter weather can be…

UK Unemployment Falls in August

New figures by the Office for National Statistics show that unemployment figures in the UK have fallen during the build up to August. In the three months to August unemployment fell by 50,000 to 2.53 million. The unemployment rate is now at its lowest for…

How to Deal with a Rejection Letter

If you have attended a job interview and just received a rejection letter, you’ll probably be feeling unmotivated. But it’s crucial you put the letter to one side and keep applying for jobs. Here’s how: Stay Positive The first thing to do when you receive a…

Five Things to Learn From Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den, the popular BBC entrepreneurial program, is currently in its tenth series. The Dragons have seen some funny characters in the den and, so far this series, have only invested in a few of them. The people that enter the den are essentially having a job interview – albeit for an investment in their own company. So what has series ten taught us so far? And what skills do you need to have for a Dragon to invest?

What Does an Employer Look For in a Candidate?

When you are applying for a job you need to identify some of the things an employer will be looking for in order to impress them and show your suitability for the job. We’ve listed below a few of the things we think an employer will be looking for in an applicant.

Why We Like Hotel GB

This week sees a new programme, Hotel GB, hit our screens in a bid to inspire unemployed people back to work. The series will only air for a week and sees famous faces like Gok Wan and Gordon Ramsay running a hotel and hiring unemployed…

Changes to Minimum Wage

Changes to the UK’s minimum wage have come into effect which will see over one million of Britain’s lowest paid workers benefit from the change. Minimum wage was introduced in 1999 and since then there have been a number of changes made throughout the years….