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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions to Make at Work

The festive season is over and it’s time to get back to work. But as well as making a few New Year resolutions (like burning off the mince pies) many people make resolutions in their professional life. It could be you want to impress your boss or that you want to start looking for a change of career. Either way, check out these work New Year resolutions and some tips on how to make them a reality!

How to Commute to Work in Bad Weather

Bad weather has hit many parts of the UK and this can make it very difficult for your commute to work. Trains are often delayed, traffic is much slower and busier and other public transport routes can be disrupted. If you are late to work…

Top Five Christmas Presents for Your Boss

The Christmas period is here and soon you’ll be hanging up your business suit, turning off your PC and taking a well deserved yuletide break. But before you leave the office, you may have to par-take in Secret Santa. Most companies use Secret Santa as a chance to get to know members of staff, as a team building exercise and for a bit of fun before Christmas. But it can become tricky if you are the one having to buy a present for your boss! You need to buy a present that is fun but not offensive! Here are five presents that should help you to keep the professional/fun balance.

Young Apprentice Skills

The new series of Young Apprentice is currently airing on BBC one and sees candidates battling it out to win a £25,000 business investment from Lord Alan Sugar. As well as being very entertaining to watch, the remaining candidates are also demonstrating some must-have skills…

Turning an Internship into a Job

Applying for an internship can be a great career move. Internships often allow you to gain experience in your chosen industry and can enable you to meet industry contacts. You can also turn an internship into a full time job. Here’s how. Be Vocal Speaking…

How to Impress at Your Work Christmas Party

Christmas is almost here and that means soon you will be brushing off your festive outfit and getting ready to party with your colleagues at your work Christmas party. But many employees actually dread the annual event – because there is always the danger of embarrassing yourself! Follow these tips to help you impress at your Christmas party while keeping your CV template and professional profile intact!

How to Stand Out During an Internship

Internships can be great for your career progression. Although you may be running errands and on minimal pay, internships are a great stepping stone into a variety of industries and can help you to get noticed. So how do you ensure the boss takes notice of you during your internship?

Industry Spotlight: Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant Careers

Do you like being busy, scheduling appointments and managing diaries? Then a career as a Personal Assistant could be for you. It’s fast-paced and requires a lot of organisational skills.

Charlotte Hooson-Sykes is an Executive Assistant, based within the Condensed Matter Physics Group at Manchester University. She talks to Jobulo about her role and shares some advice for those wanting a similar career.

Three Ways to Show You Want the Job

If you are about to attend an interview or have just had a job interview and are waiting to hear back from the employer, you may want to reaffirm your interest in the position. So how do you demonstrate you’re interested in the position? We’ve listed below three ways you can tell an employer that you want the job and it could help you to gain employment!

How to Make Your Hobby a Job

Love gardening? Love baking? Or do you relish the opportunity of getting outside to surf some waves? Whatever your hobby or passion, you can make it into a job – here’s how. Perfect Your Craft It can take years to perfect your craft but this…