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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Car Sales

In this Industry Spotlight Jobulo talk to Matt O’Toole, a Car Salesman from Hampshire, about his job and he shares some sales tips. Tell Us About Your Career Background? After I left School I did a Mechanical Apprenticeship at a Ford dealership for five years. After…

Industry Spotlight: Veterinary Surgeon

Becoming a Veterinary Surgeon is a long process. As well as studying for top grades, you need to gain relevant work experience within a practice or farm and becoming fully qualified can take years. Zoe Williams, a Veterinary Surgeon from Hampshire, says it’s worth the…

Industry Spotlight: Telecoms

If you’re interested in technology then finding work within a telecoms company could be a step in the right direction. Often telecoms companies have several divisions – broadband, mobile, handsets, billing, telemarketing – which means you can progress into different areas. Matt Lucas is a…

Industry Spotlight: Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists across the country help to treat people with physical problems by focusing on improving physical movement. As well as being a hugely rewarding profession there are a variety of opportunities – from working within the NHS to starting your own business.

Rokhsaneh Tehrany is a qualified Physiotherapist and is currently studying for her PHD. She talks with Jobulo and shares an insight into the industry and some career advice.

Industry Spotlight: Accountancy

With a variety of Accounting firms across the country there are many routes you can take to get into the industry.

Jobulo talks with Gemma Pilkington, an Accountant from Southampton, to find out how she did it and to ask for some job search advice.

Industry Spotlight: Teaching

Becoming a Teacher can be a long process and it can be difficult to decide how to get into the industry, what age group you would like to work with and what you would like to teach.

In this Industry Spotlight, Jobulo talks to Lisa Batchelor, a Junior School teacher from Hampshire, to get her insight on the industry.

Industry Spotlight: Holistic Therapy

If you’ve ever wanted to work as a Holistic Therapist there are a number of ways you can achieve this. From being self-employed and growing your own client base to working for an organisation or health-centre.

Jobulo caught up with Amy Harrison, who has owned her own Holistic Therapy business, to find out some tips on working in this industry.

Industry Spotlight: Radio Journalism

Journalism is one of the most competitive industries to work in and it can take a lot of rejection before you succeed. So inevitably, when preparing to send your application and CV to an employer in the media, you might feel nervous!

Jobulo talks to Carly Warren, Assistant Producer at national radio station talkSPORT, to get some top-tips on how to break into the media industry.