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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: How to Become a Social Media Manager

Social media sites are a vital part of most business operations today. Many companies use Facebook, Twitter and other sites to interact with their customers and to release their latest news. Once seen as a way to switch off from work and socialise with friends, social media is fast becoming a career path – with many companies hiring social media experts to help them improve customer service and brand awareness.

Industry Spotlight: Working as a Sub Editor

The media industry in the UK is extremely competitive and so it is crucial that you make your CV stand out from the crowd.

Philip Morris works as a Sub Editor and has a varied background in the media. He talks to Jobulo about the role of a Sub Editor and he shares his thoughts on what makes a CV extra special.

Industry Spotlight: Finding a Lettings Negotiator Job

If you like working with people, hitting targets and problem solving then a career as a Lettings Negotiator could be for you. But how do you make your CV stand out? And what do you include in your cover letter when you are applying for jobs?

Jobulo spoke to Chelsea Prout, a Lettings Negotiator, to find out how she got into the industry.

Industry Spotlight: Working as a Life Coach

Life Coaching in the UK is becoming more popular and it can be an incredibly rewarding career. But how do you break into the industry? In this interview Jobulo talks to Life Coach Becki Houlston about her career and she shares some CV tips for those wanting to work…

Industry Spotlight: Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant Careers

Do you like being busy, scheduling appointments and managing diaries? Then a career as a Personal Assistant could be for you. It’s fast-paced and requires a lot of organisational skills.

Charlotte Hooson-Sykes is an Executive Assistant, based within the Condensed Matter Physics Group at Manchester University. She talks to Jobulo about her role and shares some advice for those wanting a similar career.

Industry Spotlight: Working in Nursing

Working in Nursing can be very rewarding but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Lisa Lane is currently studying to be a Children’s Nurse and is in her final year of training. In this interview she talks to Jobulo about what it’s like to study the profession and gives an insight into the industry.