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UK Unemployment Falls

The Office for National Statistics have released figures that demonstrate unemployment in the UK is falling. In the three months to May unemployment fell by 65,000. Unemployment is now at 2.58 million across the country and over 29 million people have jobs in the UK.

Thousands of UK Mini Jobs Saved

£250m is set to be invested in the UK production of Minis, saving thousands of jobs in the process. BMW has announced its plans for investment and will be investing the money over three Mini factories during the next three years. This development will safeguard…

Frontline Police Jobs Set to be Cut

Future government budget cuts will see almost 6,000 front line police officer jobs axed during the next three years. The report, by the HMIC, has suggested that 179 stations will close before 2015. The closures could see up to 5,800 jobs lost. Some police stations…

£25m Unite Union Strike Fund

The Unite Union has built a £25m strike fund to help workers who want to strike in future. The largest union in the UK currently pays workers £30 a day if they are striking – eliminating fears for employees worrying about losing earnings due to…

UK Unemployment Falls

UK unemployment has fallen by 51, 000. The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, show a decrease in unemployment to 2.61 million during the three months leading to April. Figures released last month were 2.63 million. The jobless rate is now at 8.2%…