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How to Gain a Work Experience Placement

If you are looking to work in a particular industry and don’t have much experience in it, then you’ll probably find that your CV template is rejected because most employers want candidates who have knowledge and experience of their industry. But you can gain this…

How to Act on a Team Building Day

Most companies have a team building policy – whether it’s monthly, quarterly or yearly. Many companies use team building days to promote team work, cooperation and to enable members of staff to get to know each other better. They are also regularly offered as an…

Why You Should Show Negotiation Skills on Your CV

Most employers look for sales skills in a candidate as business development and building clientele is crucial in today’s competitive business climate. One specific skill that seems to be desirable to employers is the ability to negotiate. Whether it’s negotiating good prices for stock or negotiating with a paying customer to secure the best deal – negotiation is definitely a required skill for many jobs on the market today. So how can demonstrating good negotiation skills when writing a CV improve your chances of finding employment?

How to Avoid Distraction During Your Job Search

If you are currently looking for work you’ll probably already have a plan in action of where and when to look for a new job. But it can be easy to be distracted from your job hunt so to keep your motivation levels high, take a look at these tips to help you avoid distraction and win that job!

Film Your Job Interview Practice

Got a job interview coming up? Then consider putting your questions and answers on film and review your performance before you attend the job interview to help you prepare. Here are some ideas on how you can film your interview and assess your performance.

How to Get Recognised at Work

Being recognised for your expertise and achievements can be very rewarding and can help when it comes to career progression and gaining a job promotion. So how do you get noticed at work? And how do you make it to the top of your profession? Here are some tips on how to stand out in the workplace: