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Leaving a Positive Impression

We have all heard the expression ‘it’s not over until it’s over’ and this certainly applies to job interviews. Many candidates make the mistake of ‘relaxing’ too soon after their interview and this can leave an interviewer with the wrong impression. An employer’s impression of…

Interviewing With a Recruitment Agency

During your job search it can be beneficial to sign up to a recruitment agency to help you find employment. There are a variety that you can send your CV template to – from specialist and niche recruiters to more general/admin companies. Either way it is likely that you will need to go through an interview process with them.

Basic CV Mistakes to Avoid

When compiling your CV there are some key things you should avoid. Avoiding simple mistakes on your CV template will automatically increase your chances of employment. Remember – most employers will simply scan a CV. They don’t have time to pick out details and spot…