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Freelance Job Search Tips

Freelance work can be great for your CV template. It can enhance your experience, improve your career history and open up new contacts. But if you are searching for freelance work there are a few things you should remember to increase your chances of finding…

Defining Different Cover Letter Styles

When preparing for any job application you will need a well written cover letter. Writing a cover letter enables you to target your application, express your skills and highlight why you want to work for a particular organisation. But before writing a cover letter you should identify the different types to ensure you are sending the most appropriate one.

Creating a Video CV

When you are creating your professional CV it’s crucial that you think of ways to stand out. After all, job applications are often competitive and you need to ensure the employer takes notice of yours. One way of achieving this and standing out from the rest is by creating a video CV.

Recovering From a Bad Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews can be a strange process. You are speaking to someone you have never met before and you need to make a good first impression which is sometimes really difficult over the phone. That’s why a lot of candidates feel they fail at the telephone interview stage and fear they will not be invited to the face to face interview.