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CV Advice and Tips

Hot Tips For A Better CV

A clearly laid out and well designed CV (view our sample CVs from the left-hand toolbar for examples of this) will capture that attention initially and ensure the prospective employer reads the rest of the document which essentially is your only marketing tool in this…

CV Basics

When writing a successful CV you need to be sure to include all of the key information that an employer will be looking for. This means supplying a comprehensive coverage of your job history, educational background, key skills and other supporting criteria.

Tips to Improve Your High-Level Professional Management CV

A management or professional CV is one of the most difficult CVs to write as when you’re competing for jobs at executive and management levels the level of competition is very high. It’s at this level of job position that you really need to pay attention to every detail and it is vital that your CV makes you stand out from the crowd or you will not be offered that interview.