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Why You Should Keep Your Online Profile Updated

12953422_mDuring your job search there are a lot of things to keep on top of. You’ll need to keep your CV writing up to date, write multiple cover letters, speak to recruitment companies and keep checking for the latest job vacancies. But one of the most important things to check on during a job hunt is your online profile. Having an online profile during a job hunt can improve your chances of finding a job. Here is why:

Employers Google You

It’s not just you that does research before a job interview! Most employers now use Google to research candidates invited to a job interview. By typing names into Google, employers can find out some key information about a candidate including past work experience, social networking activity and images. That’s why every so often you should search your own name to ensure that you know what comes up and prepare some answers based on search results in case they come up in a job interview.

Companies Have Social Profiles Too

Businesses all over the country use social media to network with employees, publicise company news, advertise vacancies and build customer relationships. So if a company you want to work for is using social media then creating your own social profile is a perfect way to interact with them and to let them know you are interested in working for them. If you don’t already have an online profile on sites like Twitter and Linked In then you should consider creating one. Follow companies you are interested in, comment on their posts and interact with them! The more you do this, the more a company will be aware of your presence. If you have been invited to a job interview it’s likely the company will be looking at your online social profiles too, reading your updates and finding out more about you as an individual so it’s crucial you keep these pages up to date.

Most Businesses Use Online to Job Hunt

Both recruitment companies and employers use the internet to find candidates. Whether it’s searching job boards, placing online ads or searching through social media pages – most companies will use some form of online search to find potential candidates. So if you are not keeping your online profile up to date and don’t actively use the net to job hunt, then you are really limiting your chances of finding employment! Get online and start networking to increase your chances of finding your dream job.