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Why We Like Hotel GB

Hotel GBThis week sees a new programme, Hotel GB, hit our screens in a bid to inspire unemployed people back to work.

The series will only air for a week and sees famous faces like Gok Wan and Gordon Ramsay running a hotel and hiring unemployed people from across London to help them operate it.

Other employees of the hotel include Mary Portas as the General Manager, Kim Woodburn as a Cleaner and Dr Christian Jessen as the Gym Manager.

The aim of the programme, apart from entertainment, is to coach and train individuals and the two teams – Team Gordon and Team Mary – will be competing to see which team can make the most money. The profits raised from the programme will be shared amongst two unemployment charities – the Prince’s Trust and Springboard.

Throughout the programme celebrity guests will come and stay and cast their eye over the staff and service they receive and there will no doubt be some more shenanigans – last night’s episode saw Event Manager Jimmy Carr let the evening get out of control and as a result a dog went to toilet on the carpet.

As well as encouraging unemployed people into training the show explores some of the skills of the now famous employees and shows how far they have come. Top chef Gordon Ramsay’s first job was washing up in an Indian restaurant and DR Christian Jessen started out in a Nursing Home.

The programme, as well as being a fascinating watch, promotes the fact that hard work and dedication can lead to gaining employment. Here are some other skills we think can help boost employment chances and your CV template too:

• Flexibility

• Self motivation

• Determination

• Willingness to learn

• Versatility