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Why Use a Temporary Recruitment Agency?

9140365_mWhen you are looking for a job you may come across temporary recruitment agencies looking for candidates and CV templates. So what exactly is a temporary agency? And why should you use one?

Temping Agencies

Temping agencies are full of Recruiters looking to place candidates in temporary work positions across the country. They could specialise in a specific industry or they may work on more general placements. A temporary Recruiter will work with companies to find suitable candidates and they will usually place you in a position where you are paid an hourly wage. Temping positions can be for a few weeks or months and once completed you can move on to another position. Occasionally temping positions can turn into permanent vacancies.

Why Use an Agency?

Even if you are looking for full time work, using a temping agency can help you to gain work experience and to get your CV template noticed by employers in your chosen industry. A temping agency can help you to gain confidence, gain job interview experience and fill long-term gaps of unemployment. If you are finding it tough to secure a full time position, temping can be a great alternative.

How Do You Apply to an Agency?

You need to treat this similarly to a job interview. Write a CV and attach a cover letter explaining why you are looking for work and what positions you would be interested in. Usually an agency will contact you and invite you for a face-to-face interview. Ensure you attend on time and impress the Recruiter as if they think you are a strong candidate they are likely to put you forward for more positions.

What Happens Next?

After you have registered with an agency your details will go on file until something suitable arises. A Recruiter will be looking to match a position with your skills, qualifications, location and salary requirements so you may not be contacted over night! When you are contacted the Recruiter will talk you through the position to see if you are interested. If you are, they will arrange an interview for you and the employer. If you get the job, you’ll work on a temporary contract until another project arises.

Even if you are not looking for temporary work, contacting an agency could be a good way of promoting your CV. Some temporary jobs end up being permanent too!