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What’s Fashionable at Work?

21139654_mSo you’ve been writing a CV, sent it off, had a job interview and now you have just been offered a new job. You’re getting ready to start your first day but when you open your wardrobe you’re suddenly hit with overwhelming fear – what do you wear to the office?! Every office is different so it’s difficult to find the ‘perfect, universal work outfit’. But here are a few tips to get you started.

Dress Smart

Whether your office has a smart casual dress code or a strict one, try and stick to smart outfits. This doesn’t have to be a suit and tie every day, but office trousers and a shirt and an office skirt and blouse are a safe option.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Most offices will not allow employees to wear certain footwear because of health and safety. Ensure your shoes fit with the health and safety policy and are a neutral colour.


Accessories can add creativity to an outfit. Whether it’s a funky watch or bright bracelet, try teaming accessories with your work outfits to make them less dull.

Show Your Personality

You don’t always have to wear black to the office. Why not try wearing bright tops or a bright tie to make your outfit more interesting.