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What Does an Employer Look For in a Candidate?

14743829_mWhen you are applying for a job you need to identify some of the things an employer will be looking for in order to impress them and show your suitability for the job. We’ve listed below a few of the things we think an employer will be looking for in an applicant.

Good CV Writing

CV writing is one of the most important things when it comes to applying for a job. An employer will see your CV and make a judgement as to whether they should invite you to a job interview. First impressions are vital! If you have a lot of grammatical errors and typos in your CV it will automatically demonstrate to the employer that you haven’t proof read it and haven’t really taken the time to prepare a good application. Similarly, ‘waffling’ on your CV about irrelevant skills and experience further demonstrates your lack of knowledge on the company and the job role you are applying for. Therefore good CV writing is essential and is one of the first things an employer will be looking for.

Interesting Cover Letter

Cover letters are essential when sending off a job application. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to tell the employer more about you and your work achievements and also enables you to support your CV content. When an employer receives a job application one of the first things they will look for is a good cover letter so ensure you attach one with your CV.

Relevant Skills

This is obvious but one of the biggest priorities for an employer is finding a candidate that is qualified for the job and can achieve results. It’s important to include relevant qualifications on your CV but one of the ways to make your application different from the rest is by highlighting projects you have worked on and examples of when you have successfully used your skills.


Most companies have a culture they want to nurture and so when hiring staff many employers will look for a personality that is suitable for the company. Whether it’s a small business looking for someone creative or a large business looking for someone competitive – an employer will assess this and hire accordingly.


Employers want to know that the people they are hiring not only want to succeed in the position but that they want to create a long-term career. An employer will automatically assess whether they believe a candidate wants a career and a future within the business and this can sometimes influence hiring patterns.