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Using a Blog to Help Your Job Search

14853004_mMost people start blogs as a creative outlet and as a bit of fun. But did you know blogging could potentially help your job search and increase your chances of securing a job? Here is how to use a blog to increase your chances of finding employment.

Highlight Your Experience

A blog can act like an online CV template. You can use your blog to highlight your expertise and experience by using the ‘about’ section. The about section enables you to write more about you as an individual, explain how your blog started and to talk about what topics you will be covering. It also enables you to highlight your work experience and skills – and if an employer visits your blog this can act like an online CV.

Talk About Topical Issues

Talking about topical issues can get you noticed in your chosen industry. By researching industry news and commenting on topical issues you are likely to create debate and conversation on your blog. If you keep working at it this will lead to more awareness of your blog and could help you to get noticed by potential employers.

Social Media

Blogging is another form of social media and we know that employers constantly use social media to advertise jobs and to find new candidates. Link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and ensure you publicise it!


Blogging about topics of interest and networking with relevant individuals is a good way of boosting your job search. Writing articles related to your industry and using Twitter to make key individuals aware of it is a great way of expanding your job hunt and getting your work noticed.

Add to Your Career Portfolio

Establishing a blog and gaining followers is an achievement and you should ensure that prospective employers know about it! As well as boosting your industry profile you can use your blog to highlight your work – consider including it in your career portfolio.

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