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Turning an Internship into a Job

22308744_mApplying for an internship can be a great career move. Internships often allow you to gain experience in your chosen industry and can enable you to meet industry contacts. You can also turn an internship into a full time job. Here’s how.

Be Vocal

Speaking out during your internship will help you to get noticed and will ensure the employer doesn’t forget you at the end of the internship. Talk to colleagues and your manager if you want to be considered for a permanent position.


Socialising in the office will not only help you to feel more comfortable, but it will help you to get noticed by your other work colleagues. Socialising in and out of work hours will enable you to network with colleagues, to find out about upcoming opportunities and to express your interest in the job. Ensure you take time out to get to know people!

Show Your Experience

You sent your CV into the employer in the hope that you would gain an internship but you should also try and showcase these skills on the job. Look back at your CV and the skills you mentioned and display this in your work. The employer will need to see that you can excel in the role.

Take on Extra Work

Whether it’s a small task or helping out on a big project, you should put yourself forward for extra work if you want your internship to progress. Offering to help on other projects will demonstrate that you are passionate about the company and keen to forge a career there. It may also help you to showcase your versatility.

Ask Questions

Asking questions about the career progression opportunities and the company culture will ensure the employer knows you are passionate about the role. But you should also tell the employer that you are looking for full time work. You should mention this towards the end of the internship. Even if there isn’t a position available, it will ensure the employer looks out for new vacancies for you and keeps in touch.