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Three Ways to Secure a Summer Job

12079817_mThe weather in the UK has been heating up and summer is well and truly on the way. If you are studying at university or college, you may be starting your summer job search now in order to ensure you earn some extra cash during your break. So if you are looking for a summer job check out these three tips to help you secure one!

Start Early

One of the keys to finding a summer job is starting your search early. Thousands of students all over the country will be doing the same as you – sending their CV out to companies in their hometown in the hope of securing work. Therefore, with competition tough, you should start your job search early. During your evenings and weekends start searching the internet and networking with friends in your hometown to find out about work opportunities and start sending out applications. If you visit home regularly you should also consider taking in printed copies of your CV to local employers.

Update Your CV

Although you may not have finished your studies, you should update your CV with relevant content and grades to ensure the CV you send out is current. Ensure you include any work experience or internship positions and update your CV content with any voluntary work or projects you work on outside of studying. This will not only make your CV current but it can show your versatility and skill set.

Demonstrate Flexibility

Most summer jobs require you to be flexible and to work random hours. The chances are you’ll be applying for a job in retail, supermarkets, seasonal positions, catering or temping work. Most of these jobs will need weekend and evening work so showing you are flexible is essential to your job interview chances.