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Three Tips to Remember When Using Social Media to Find a Job

12449116_mSocial media is used by both jobseekers and employers. It is a great way to meet new contacts, publicise your expertise and gain new opportunities. But if you are using social media to enhance your job search check out these tips to help you find your dream job.

You Need to be Found

On all social media platforms you won’t just get recognised instantly. You need to make an impression in order to be found by employers. Firstly you need to create a profile on your chosen social media site and include a picture and short description of yourself. Remember – the description is the first thing an employer will see so it should be littered with key words and language relevant to the job role and industry you want to work in. You then need to start following and becoming friends with influential contacts and people you think may be relevant to your job hunt. Whether it’s a company to work for or a high profile industry name – you should start following their news feeds. You then need to create conversation and post newsworthy topics in order to create discussion in your community and this will also help you to stand out.

Show Off Your Work

Social media can also be used to show off your work. You can link to your website, online career portfolio or examples of work. You can also update your newsfeed with any work related topics you want to share. This can be accessed by whoever lands on your social page and can be a great first impression for many employers.

Employers Read Your Posts

When updating your social media page you should remember that employers and influential industry figures can read your posts! So if you are using social media to find a job try to avoid posting anything unprofessional.