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Three Things You Should Tell a Recruitment Consultant

20764291_mIf you are currently searching for a job then you may have contacted a recruitment agency to help you find employment. If you have contacted, or you are thinking about contacting, a recruitment agency, then there are a few things you’ll be required to do – including sending in your CV and having a telephone interview with a Recruitment Consultant. A telephone interview will give the agency the opportunity to find out more about you as a candidate, to identify your key skills and to get to know you before they start sending out your CV to employers. If you are about to speak with a recruitment company then check below for three essential things you should be telling them.

Be Honest About Your CV

The recruitment consultant will have your CV in front of them when they call you. They will be using it as a reference point and will be asking you questions based on its content. Not only should you know your CV well, so you look prepared, but you should also assess your CV content before you send it off to a recruitment agency. When writing a CV you should be honest about your work history, experience and key skills – as it’s this information that will enable the agent to find you employment. If you lie about qualifications or your experience then you may find yourself being put forward for positions that you aren’t qualified for. When writing your CV and preparing to send it out ensure you re-read it, include all of your most recent experience and highlight your key skills and expertise. You should also ensure you spell check it as sending your CV out with mistakes won’t give off a very good first impression.


One of the questions a recruiter will ask you is how far you are willing to travel for work and whether you would be willing to relocate. Although you may think it will increase your chances of finding employment to say you will travel long distances, there is no benefit from telling the recruiter you will work somewhere you don’t want to work. Refine your location requirements, be precise with how far you are willing to travel and remain realistic to ensure maximum chances of finding a job.

Expected Salary

Most recruitment consultants will need to know your salary bracket – the lowest salary you would take and the ideal figure you are looking for. You should assess your salary requirements before you speak to the consultant. How low can you go? Will you accept a lower salary if there are other benefits like flexible working? Refine your salary bracket and ensure you give an accurate figure to ensure your CV is only sent to relevant employers.