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The Benefits of Flexible Working

flexible workingggMany companies across the UK offer some form of flexible working – whether it’s allowing their staff to work from home one day a week or offering toil (time off in lieu). So if you are considering working for a company that offer flexible working, what are the exact benefits? Check out our latest advice article to find out.

Manage Your Own Diary

One of the biggest benefits of working in a flexible job is being able to manage your diary and, in a sense, be your own boss. Depending on the company you choose to work for, you may be encouraged to work from home and out of the office during hours which you choose. If your boss is happy for you to work a fixed amount of hours i.e. nine hours but is not bothered about the time frame in which you complete the work, then you will have a large amount of freedom. If you are a night owl and get more work done at night you’ll be able to do this. If you have clients that prefer business dinners as opposed to lunches then you can accommodate this and work in the evening and take the afternoon off. Flexible working hours means you can manage your own diary and organise it accordingly.

Work on the Go

Flexible working usually means you can work wherever you are – all you normally need is an internet connection. So whether you are commuting to a meeting, meeting a client in a coffee shop or working in a cafe after your lunch gym session – you can work wherever you want to with a flexible job. Not only does this mean that you are free from the constraints of an office desk but it also means you can be more productive and get to work queries as soon as they hit your inbox.

Save Money

Commuting can be costly. Having to catch the train every week, use public transport or drive to the office can really affect your bank balance. Flexible working can you usually save you pennies as if you are working from home or a local destination the cost to commute is next to nothing.

Less Stress

Rush hour traffic and delayed trains aren’t a problem if you work in a flexible job. You can either work from home or a local coffee shop all day or locate to a local destination during busy times and travel to and from the office when it’s a little quieter. This will definitely help you to avoid the commuter stress.

More Social Time

Flexible working means you can maximise your social time and complete your chores more efficiently. If you work extra hours in the office and are taking toil (time off in lieu) then you can use your extra hours to finish work early and socialise with friends or finish early on a Friday and have a long weekend. If you are working from home, you can use your lunch break to socialise or complete chores that you wouldn’t be able to if glued to a desk.

So, if you think flexible working could be for you, why not try our CV builder and start applying for jobs?