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Ten Things a Recruiter Hates About You

18989116_mIf you have sent your CV to a recruitment company then you’ll probably be looking for their help to find work. Recruitment companies can improve your job chances by searching for relevant positions, coaching you for the interview and negotiating with the employer on your behalf. But in order to have a successful working relationship with a recruiter you need to impress them and build rapport. Here are ten things a recruiter is likely to dislike in a candidate and some tips on how to avoid them.


Unreliability is a pet hate for many recruiters. Recruitment consultants work to tight deadlines with employers and therefore they need to know the candidate they are putting forward for the position is reliable. Whether it’s answering your phone more often, checking your emails and responding or keeping to interview deadlines – ensure you are reliable and that the recruiter can trust you as they are more likely to put you forward for more lucrative positions.

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is key in any job hunt. Just because the recruiter is looking for work on your behalf doesn’t mean you can stop looking too. Look out for positions, mention them to your recruiter, actively seek out experience that could enhance your CV template and show the recruiter that you really want a new position.

Bad Punctuality

Being punctual is something that all recruitment companies want in a candidate. They will be sending you to interviews with clients that they have established a relationship with and therefore if you show up late it can reflect badly on them and they are unlikely to contact you about new vacancies.

Bad Dress Sense

Just because you aren’t applying for a job at the recruitment company, it doesn’t mean you can turn up to see them in jeans and a t-shirt. If you have arranged a meeting with your recruitment consultant ensure you dress to impress.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Before you send your CV to a recruitment agency ensure you spell check it and check for grammar mistakes. If your CV is littered with mistakes the recruiter will probably think you haven’t put much effort into your application and don’t pay attention to detail – qualities that are undesirable in a candidate.


A recruiter is far more likely to find you a job if you are honest with them about your expectations including the position you are looking for and salary requirements. If you keep changing the goal posts the recruiter may start to lack motivation so be certain about what you are looking for.


Job hunting can be tough so you may find yourself feeling frustrated if you haven’t secured a position. Do not take this out on the recruiter as you could find your CV wiped from their database.

Not Personalising Applications

If a recruiter puts you forward for a position they may want to make some notes on why you are the right candidate for the job so they can relay this to the employer. Try and personalise each job application and make it relevant to the job you are applying for.

Lack of Research

When they send you to a job interview the recruiter will want you to know as much about the position and the company as possible. Although they are likely to give you some insider information it’s a good idea to do your own research too.

Not Keeping Them Updated

If your employment status changes or your circumstances do then ensure you update the recruiter. Not only will this mean they won’t waste their time looking for jobs for you but it also means you’ll avoid job updates that you are not interested in!