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Perfecting Your Winter Work Wardrobe

winterSo, the summer is well and truly over. Sunglasses have been put back in their cases, flip-flops have been thrown in the wardrobe and the sun has put its pyjamas on. So where does that leave your work wardrobe? Dressing for winter weather can be really tough so we’ve listed below some tips on how to dress for the office during the cold months.

Avoid Short Sleeves

Wearing short sleeves to the office during the colder months can leave you feeling chilly. Most offices have air conditioning on too so you could feel quite uncomfortable. Try long sleeve shirts or thin jumpers to keep the cold away.


Layering is a great way of preparing for those days that are sunny but still chilly. Sometimes you may find yourself wearing a jumper when the sun miraculously comes out at lunchtime. You don’t want to be in knitwear if it gets hot in the office so layering is a great compromise. Wear a long sleeve cardigan over a thin shirt and you can change your outfit throughout the day.

Footwear with Grip

High heels and other shoes without grip could leave you struggling to balance. The past few years have seen snow in the UK so you should try and wear shoes that provide extra support. It can a good idea to have your work shoes under your desk and travel to work in more appropriate footwear like trainers or boots.


Accessorising throughout the winter is a great way of keeping warm and stylish. Hats and scarves are always a popular choice during the winter season.