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Kick Starting Your Career in the New Year

back to workChristmas is over and it’s time to get back to work. But even if you love your job, January is always a tough time of year. You’ll probably have a long to-do list and you’ll probably be sad to see the festive party season go. Check out these tips to help you get back to work and beat the festive blues.


After the Christmas period you’ll probably be feeling a little disorientated so it’s crucial to organise your work load. After weeks of non-routine, heading back to the office can be a shock. To make the transition as easy as possible, try organising your work load. Start a priority list for January – ensuring that the most important projects are at the top and start organising.

Write a List

A to-do-list is one of the best ways to get organised. You probably have a list from before the Christmas break so add to this when you return to the office. Update it with any tasks that need completing. Having a list to work from will help you to organise your work and will also help you to see your achievements and progress your career.

Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the easiest ways to kick-start your career for the New Year. Look back on your achievements last year – is there a project that you want to excel in this year? Do you want to work towards a job promotion? Are you considering changing careers? Set yourself monthly targets to achieve – this will help you feel more motivated at work.


The best way to get back to work is by getting into a routine. Set your alarm clock, have a morning break, socialise with your colleagues and set daily goals. Hopefully it shouldn’t be long until you get back into the routine.