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Jobs for Extroverts

career adviceIn the workplace generally there are two types of candidate personalities – introverts and extroverts. Introverts usually like working alone in solitary roles and enjoy structure to their working day whilst extroverts are more interested in team work and working in a dynamic, lively environment. If you consider yourself an extrovert then read on to find a list of jobs that might be worth exploring:


Sales can be a great career path for candidates that consider themselves an extrovert. There are a variety of sales roles available throughout the UK – from telephone, office-based sales to on-the-road and door-to-door sales. But although these roles are slightly different, the one thing all of these roles have in common is that they require candidates with strong personalities. Responsibilities can vary from company to company but generally if you work in sales you will be responsible for speaking to existing customers, cold calling new customers, organising customer meetings, selling a product or service, negotiating and organising quotes. There are a few reasons why this could be a good career path to follow if you are an extrovert:

• You get to work with other people. This is a key selling point – most extroverts don’t like working alone or working on solitary tasks and whilst sales roles do require a bit of this, the majority of time is spent working with team mates to organise sales and plan strategies.

• Speaking to new people is a main part of the job. This means that in the job no two days are the same. You’ll constantly be speaking to new customers and new characters which will enable you to engage your social skills.

• You need to demonstrate results. For introverts, the thought of standing in a room and projecting sales figures to colleagues is terrifying but to extroverts this is usually seen as a challenge. In most sales positions you’ll be asked to present your sales results regularly so every so often the spotlight will be on you.

Event Management

Event Management is a fast-paced, diverse career path and one that can be very satisfying for extroverts. Whether it’s organising corporate functions or music festivals, there are a variety of reasons why a job in events could be for you:

• It’s normally a high pressure role. Whilst introverts crack under high pressure, extroverts thrive off this environment. Working at a fast pace to tight deadlines is usually seen as a challenge for extroverts and many event roles require this.

• You get to talk to people all day long. This is at the heart of most event management roles as event managers need to liaise with everyone involved with the event – from the band and entertainment to the caterers and designers. Extroverts like the company of other people and enjoy interacting with different characters on a daily basis – something that is a must in event management.

• You get to show off your personality. Most event managers will personalise their events in some way. Although this role requires sticking to customer guidelines, event managers are creative individuals that usually have big personalities. Event management roles usually allow for extroverts to use a bit of personality and vision to enhance an event so it can be an ideal role. Find out more by reading our career interview on working in events management.


Public Relations is all about speaking to people and gaining connections to publicise a brand or company and it can be a great job role for extroverts. Responsibilities that make this role right for extroverts include:

• You have to speak to a lot of people. Whether you’re working in-house as a PR Executive or you are working as an Account Executive at a PR firm, you will have to speak to a lot of people to complete your daily duties. From Journalists and bloggers to event organisers and charities – this role requires a lot of people interaction.

• Most PRs organise and arrange meetings with their contacts. Business lunches and social engagements with contacts is a normal everyday occurrence in the world of PR and so the role requires someone that can socialise with contacts outside of working hours too.

• You can organise events. As a PR Executive you’ll work closely with other members of the team to organise events and product launches. From being involved in the initial concept to attending on the day and interacting with clients, this is perfect for extroverts.

• Use social media. In PR you’ll be expected to use social media to interact with potential customers and to help market the brand’s message. Most extroverts will already be using social media to upload content so this is an ideal addition to the role.

• PR Executives are often referred to as the ‘face of the brand’ – whether it’s at a company event or through a press release, it’s your job to publicise the brand in the best light possible.

If you consider yourself an extrovert, these are just a few ideas of job roles that could be for you! If you’re ready to start updating your CV and applying for jobs why not use our CV writing tool? You can create a CV and choose from a variety of templates. Start CV writing and get applying for that dream job!