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Industry Spotlight: Working in IT Solutions

ben-daviesIT can be a daunting industry. Many candidates are wary of the technical jargon and thorough knowledge people in the industry seem to have. Although these are vital, there are other factors that can help you when applying for jobs.

Ben Davies, a Technical Field Engineer for a leading IT solutions firm in Reading, says passion and self motivation are the key to success in this industry. Jobulo caught up with him to get some career advice.

Tell Us About Your Job Role?

I work in IT support roles and large IT system projects. I travel all over the country and perform multiple tasks for a variety of different companies that we work with.

How Did You Get Into the Industry?

I was a keen gamer and wanted to get into game development at a young age. This led to me doing an ICT course at school and then later an Advance Vocational course at College. Once at college I became really interested in computer networking and developed my skills in that area. That’s what led me to my job today.

What’s The Best Part About Your Job?

The best part of my job is that I am not tied to a desk. I get to meet new people all of the time which is great. I also like being on different projects because it means I’m never sat still. Every day I am able to interact with different people at all levels and industries. Working in a job like this also means I’m never far away from moving on – so I never get stuck doing something I don’t enjoy for long!

What’s The Worst Part of The Job?

The hours and the travelling. I can be driving for up to four hours on top of a working day and on many occasions I have to stay away from home. Most of my days are a minimum of twelve hours door to door.

Did You Always Know What Career You Wanted to Follow?

In short no, although I have always had an interest in IT. Due to the huge variety the sector offers I simply fell into parts of the industry that I enjoyed the most and haven’t looked back. However, in IT, things are always moving and you can always develop in different areas and change your job role to suit your own personality. There is a lot of flexibility.

Did You Need Specific Grades or Experience?

I have managed to climb the ladder via experience mainly rather than passing exams but both are key if you want to continue to grow. I have an AVCE ICT qualification however my experience in IT roles is what has helped me to progress. I’m now looking at obtaining my Microsoft accreditation and some Cisco or Citrix qualifications so I can once again improve my role and responsibilities.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Wanting to Work in the Same Industry?

IT is a littered market and is now very competitive so you need to have something extra. I myself could never compete against die hard IT lovers! But I am a people person, provide a good service and enjoy selling my company’s products. Which is why my role works so well so I would say, if you have the commitment to pursue it, there is something out there for everyone. I would also advise not to get into IT for the money. There is definitely money to be made but you will need to work hard and have something more to offer than just technical intelligence. So anyone applying to this industry should be prepared to put in the hours.

What Three Personality Traits Do You Have That Help You at Work?

I am able to relax and be patient which really helps as there can be some pressure. Good communication is key as I have to communicate with a variety of people at different levels. I am proactive and self motivated too which I think is crucial. I am my own boss in many ways as I travel around the country independently, so being dedicated and self motivated breed success in this kind of position.