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Industry Spotlight: Working as a Receptionist

karen jackMost organisations across the country require someone to answer customer queries and greet new clientele and it’s usually a Receptionist who will take up this role.

Karen Jack recently relocated to America and is working as a Receptionist at a Veterinary Practice. She talks to Jobulo to share her career advice.

Tell Us About Your Career Background?

I have worked in a variety of roles in a number of industries! I started out working in Manufacturing. I then worked within the car industry before going on to build mastheads for sailing ships. I then ran the rental department for a car company before working as a Receptionist. I have now relocated to America and am working as a Receptionist for a Veterinary Practice.

Can You Tell Us What a Day is Like as a Receptionist?

A typical day would be busy and would involve answering the telephone, taking customer orders, answering customer queries and booking customers in for appointments. The day also includes greeting people when they come in the door and dealing with any issues. And you also need to smile a lot!

What is Your Main Responsibility as a Receptionist?

There are a host of responsibilities – from ensuring calls get answered to supporting senior members of staff. But I would say the main responsibility is maintaining high levels of customer service. As a Receptionist you are front of house so the first impression of the business is usually you. So in this role it’s vital that you are friendly and helpful and remain professional at all times.

What is the Best Part of the Job?

I like meeting new people and, as I work in a Veterinary Practice, it’s also great to get to interact with animals.

What’s the Worst Part of the Job?

Dealing with rude people can be difficult.

Can You Share Some Career Advice for People Wanting to Work in This Industry?

Finding employment can take a while so persistence is essential. I would say keep searching and don’t give up. I would also suggest gaining some experience in different companies. Although you might dream of working as a Receptionist for a specific company, it might not happen overnight so in the mean time it’s good to get experience in different organisations and learn the key skills needed. I would say, if you’re finding it hard to find the role you want, consider working in a different role and applying for jobs as it’s always easier to find employment if you are in employment!