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Industry Spotlight: Working as a Crowd Control Technician/Doorman

fredWorking as a Crowd Control Technician (Bouncer/Doorman) requires many late nights and can be a challenge. As well as dealing with drunk members of the public, the role also includes preventing incidents and crisis management.

Fred Kazi has worked in the industry for 33 years and in this interview he talks to Jobulo about the job role and shares some career tips.

When Did You Start Working in this Industry?

I was about 21. I was out socialising with friends in a pub when a fight broke out involving the landlord. I quickly got involved and wanted to diffuse the situation. As a result, I was ‘spotted’ by a local businessman and was offered a job working on the door of a local nightclub. I have worked for a variety of venues since.

What Does the Job Involve?

It’s quite varied. The main role is to ensure people’s safety – both the public and staff – throughout the venue and to greet new clientele. On the door you are responsible for checking IDs, directing group bookings into the venue and you also have to ensure that any barred members of the public don’t re-enter the premises. You are also responsible for the entire entrance to the venue including the street and quite often may need to get involved in disputes outside. As well as working on the door, you are also responsible for the smooth operation inside the venue. Responsibilities include patrolling the dance floor and ensuring that there are no incidents.

What’s the Best Part of the Job?

There is great satisfaction in knowing that you have helped the night to run smoothly. It’s also very rewarding at the end of your shift when you know your work has helped to keep others and your colleagues safe.

What’s the Worst Part of the Job?

There can be some quite abusive behaviour – whether that’s swearing or people trying to start a physical fight. It’s quite a challenge having to deal with drunken people.

What Skills Do You Need to become a Crowd Control Technician?

It’s beneficial to have some basic first aid knowledge and self defence awareness although this isn’t essential and some companies provide this training. You need to be quick thinking and be able to respond quickly to incidents. You also need to be able to diffuse situations and protect yourself and others at the same time. Versatility and approachability is essential too – you deal with a variety of characters and personalities.

What CV Tips Can You Share?

I think candidates have to be calm and quite self assured and it’s essential to show this on your CV. Demonstrating this by either highlighting previous work experience or showing how your hobbies can reflect this could help when applying for jobs. I also think the long evenings and some of the scenarios you can find yourself in make this a very challenging career path so I would advise gaining some work experience or speaking to people in the industry before applying for positions.