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Industry Spotlight: Telecoms

matt-lucas-interviewIf you’re interested in technology then finding work within a telecoms company could be a step in the right direction. Often telecoms companies have several divisions – broadband, mobile, handsets, billing, telemarketing – which means you can progress into different areas.

Matt Lucas is a Mobile Coordinator for one of the largest independent telecoms groups in the UK. He talks with Jobulo to share some of his career advice.

Tell Us About Your Career Background So Far?

I initially wanted to go to University but decided against it as I wasn’t completely sure what course I wanted to do. Instead I started to look for full time work and started out as a Customer Service Advisor. In this role I was responsible for interacting with customers every day and helping to boost the company’s customer retention rates. I then spotted an opportunity to start a new mobile department within the company and thought it would be a step in the right direction. Me and another team member started the team from scratch and now we are at the forefront of the company’s mobile phone services and strategies. It’s quite exciting to think I have been here since the beginning.

How Did You Get into Your Job?

I saw the Customer Service position advertised in a local newspaper and applied directly. I knew I was a good people person and I have always enjoyed working with different characters so I thought it would be ideal.

What Made You Want to Work for a Telecoms Company?

Technology has always interested me. It’s so exciting to think that we hear some technology and industry news before anyone else. I like working with different companies too and solving problems. The company also has a really good reputation in the industry so I felt the progression opportunities were good.

What’s Your Daily Routine Like?

A mixture of everything the mobile world has to offer. My first priority is getting new connections on board each day whilst working through emails about billing, customer service and Sim amendments. I talk to customers and suppliers throughout the course of the day and also look at sourcing the latest handsets for our customers.

What’s your Favourite Part of the Job?

Processing connections – it’s fun and it’s really satisfying to know you’re delivering good service to customers.

Do You Need Specific Qualifications/Knowledge to do what you do?

Yes – you need to have some knowledge of the mobile industry and have an understanding of the products and how they work. We deal with a number of clients on a daily basis and it can be anything – from a handset not working to enquiries about how to turn off data roaming. If you can learn a portion of this before you apply for jobs then it would definitely help.

What Would Your Advice be to Someone Wanting to Work in Telecoms?

To go for it. You should try and gain work experience or try and work your way up in a company that has good training and development opportunities. There are plenty of good telecoms companies out there to work for and so it’s relatively easy to get your career off the ground – you just have to search for them.