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Industry Spotlight: Becoming a Hairdresser

Working as a Hairdresser can provide lots of career benefits. Flexibility and socialising are just some of the industry perks. But with the job market as competitive as ever, how do you make your CV stand out?

Jobulo talks to Lauren Smith, a Hairdresser, to get her CV tips.

How Did You Get Into Hairdressing?

When I decided I wanted to be a Hairdresser I sent my CV out to a few different salons in my local area to get work experience. But to work as an Apprentice you need to also attend college so, once I found a job, I started going to Hairdressing College on day release. It’s here that you learn different styles and study for the NVQ Level 2 qualification alongside working in a salon where you get hands-on experience.

Why Did You Want to Work in Hairdressing?

I have always thought it is a good idea to have a trade and a skill because it’s a safety net for the future. It’s nice to know that I will always be able to work, even if it is at home. I also was attracted to the social side of the job and the fact that you get to meet new people every day. I have always been interested in fashion and beauty so to work in the industry is a real privilege.

Is It Hard to Get Into?

It is competitive, just like any industry! There are few jobs and a lot of Apprentices wanting to get their foot in the door so it is quite hard. But as long as you have passion and you really want to work in the industry then you will succeed.

What is The Key Ingredient to Being a Successful Hairdresser?

I think you need to make an impression so that a customer will come back and specifically ask for you. Gaining referrals is a great way of increasing your income and obviously it is good for your reputation too.

How Long Does It Take to Qualify?

It depends on how advanced you want to be but for the NVQ Level 2 it takes two years. With that you are qualified to do most things apart from specific colour corrections. You can go on to do a Level 3 or even specific trades like Barbering but it depends on what you want out of the job.

What is The Best Part of the Job?

Meeting new people and socialising.

What is The Worst Part of the Job?

You feel like you are constantly cleaning up after yourself which can be tiring at times!

What Makes a Good Hairdresser?

I think you obviously need to be good at the job and you must be creative. You need to be precise and you need to listen to what the client wants. Being polite and ensuring you meet the customers’ needs is vital too.

What Would Your Advice Be to Someone Wanting to Work as a Hairdresser?

To get noticed in this industry I think you need to be friendly and patient and you need to show you are determined. Working as an Apprentice can be tough because you work long hours for little money and you sometimes will find yourself doing some mundane tasks. But if you want to work your way up and style then you need to ensure you are friendly and patient and show determination. Getting promoted won’t happen over-night and becoming qualified takes years but if you can show that you are a good listener and you are committed then the hard work will pay off eventually.