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Industry Spotlight: Becoming a Baker

Job as a bakerThe Great British Bake Off is back on our television screens and it seems the entire nation is obsessed with cakes and bread making. Whilst baking can be a keen hobby, it can also be a full-time career.

Great British Bake Off Presenter Paul Hollywood has had a successful career as a Baker and has worked in a variety of hotels and venues across the country.

So how do you become a Baker? Jobulo talk to Paul White, an Artisan Baker, to find out more about the role and to gain some CV tips.

Tell Us About Your Career Background

I started baking in 1987 at Baines Bakery in Uppingham Rutland and have been in the bakery business ever since!

When Did You Realise You Wanted to Become a Baker?

I was working as an Assistant Chef, making cooked and chilled meals for a Deli in Rutland. We also baked off pre-made baguettes that were delivered in as frozen raw dough. It was part of my job to proof and bake the baguettes and although it wasn’t really baking, I was always fascinated by the science and of course the smell! That’s when I realised I wanted to become a Baker.

How Did You Get Into the Industry?

I was lucky, although it may not seem it at first. The Deli I was working for started to fail in the downturn in the 1980’s and I was then made redundant. As I walked home after hearing the bad news of my redundancy, I bumped into Richard Baines (the owner of Baines Bakery, and my Landlord at the time). I explained that I had just lost my job and he immediately said, “I have just lost my Baker.” So that was the start of my career in bread making. I was only out of work for forty minutes! In my opinion, work experience helps when applying for a job as a Baker, but it is not necessarily essential. I think a keen interest in bread and food helps just as much.

What Qualifications Are Needed to Become a Baker?

None really. Some employers may ask for specific GCSE’s or A Levels, like in Food Technology, but they are not essential. I would say it’s more beneficial to show an employer that you have a keen interest in the job as it can be quite demanding work. Most bakeries will happily let you help out on a shift with them, just to see if it is the right career for you.

If Someone Was Looking for a Job as a Baker, What Advice Would You Give Them?

I would say you need to combine looking for jobs online with handing your CV out in person to potential employers in your area. If you have a local bakery, pop in and chat to them. A keen attitude goes a long way and could lead to work experience and even a job.

What’s the Best Part of the Job?

Creating great bread and I enjoy an early start to the day.

What’s the Worst Part of the Job?

I can’t think of one.

What Do You Think is Important to Include on a CV When Applying for a Job as a Baker?

Previous work experience and references are important. I would also say it’s vital to convey your enthusiasm either in your personal statement or career objective.

What Three Personality Traits Do You Need to Have to Succeed in this Industry?

You have to be hard working, determined and productive. You also have to have a good eye for detail and a conscientious mind.

For more information about a career as a Baker and training information visit Paul’s website: