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Improve Your Job Search This Summer

11129760_mThe weather in the UK has been scorching recently and so many people across the country have been taking time off to enjoy British holiday destinations or jetting off on summer holidays. And the hot weather distraction can make it difficult to continue your job search. Check out the tips below to improve your job search and bag that dream role this summer.

Check through CV samples to help you edit your own CV. CV samples can give you an idea of what to include in your CV writing and can also give you some inspiration on the layout and design of your CV. Spend time researching this before you start applying for positions as it could make your job search more successful.

  • Practice your cover letter writing. A good cover letter can be the difference between securing a job interview and not. So ensure you practice while you search for jobs.
  • Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in to network and promote your CV. They are also a good source of information so follow relevant employers and recruitment agencies and comment regularly to get your name heard.
  • Check the internet frequently. Whether it’s on your laptop at home or on your Smartphone when you are out and about, you should try and keep up to date with job sites and local job news.
  • Read your local paper every week on job day. These are usually full of job vacancies in a variety of industries so looking at these regularly could improve your job search.
  • Try networking with industry contacts and friends. You never know – occasionally asking friends about work could lead to new contacts and new opportunities.
  • Check local job boards. If you visit a local supermarket or stores regularly they will usually have a notice board. These can have vacancies listed on them so it’s definitely worth taking a look.
  • Keep motivated. If your job search is taking longer than you expected it can be very difficult to remain motivated and focused. But ensure you keep updating your CV, looking for new opportunities and networking as it will eventually lead to something.