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How to Survive Work During the Heat Wave

workThe heat wave in the UK has seen many parts of the country reach temperatures of up to 34C. So how does this affect your working day? Some MPs have suggested that employees should be sent home if they are working indoors with temperatures over 30C but if you haven’t been sent home yet, here are some tips on how to survive a day in the office during the heat wave.

Don’t Get Too Hot on the Way to Work

Whether you’re commuting on the tube, cycling to work, catching the bus or driving – you need to ensure you don’t work up a sweat on the way to the office. Not only will this leave you feeling uncomfortable and finding it hard to concentrate, your colleagues might not take too kindly to your sweat patches… Ensure you plan ahead, pack deodorant and cleaning products and allow for plenty of time to get to work – rushing will just make you feel hotter.

Dress Smart

Although you may have to adhere to a particular dress code, ensure you dress appropriately for the hot weather. Turning up to work in a jumper and trousers will make a day in the office quite uncomfortable. Instead opt for lighter clothing and choose bright/pastel colours.

Keep Hydrated

It’s vital that you keep hydrated during the hot weather, especially if you are in an office without any air conditioning! Spend time at the water machine and take regular breaks to hydrate.

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks from your desk and heading outside into the fresh air will help you to feel cool and relaxed. Schedule in breaks and ensure you leave the office for some fresh air if you are feeling too hot or uncomfortable.

Keep in the Shade

If your desk is next to a window and the sun is streaming in the office then ask your manager if you can move seats and find some shade. Being in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can lead to sunstroke and feeling unwell so ensure you sit somewhere cool.