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How to Stay Happy at Work

happy at workIt’s natural to get the Monday blues but if you’re feeling unhappy every day at work it can start to affect your lifestyle. Feeling more positive at work can not only boost your work performance but it can help you to feel more relaxed during out-of-office hours. Here are our tips to help you stay happy in the workplace!

Early Mornings

It’s tempting to keep hitting the alarm clock and to roll out of bed moments before you need to be in the office but this can add to your negative mood at work. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare in the morning and unwind will leave you feeling tired and confused and this could affect your mood at work. Instead set your alarm with plenty of time to spare and ensure you spend some time relaxing before you head out to the office.


Running on nothing during your morning at work will leave you feeling grumpy. If you have morning meetings you’ll probably find it difficult to focus if you haven’t had breakfast. Starting your day with breakfast can help to boost your metabolism and energy levels and should leave you in a more positive mood.


Colleagues can really help to boost your motivation at work. Taking regular breaks to catch up with work colleagues, socialising at company events and talking to industry contacts will leave you feeling upbeat and could even lead to career progression and further work opportunities. Networking can boost your confidence too.

Mix Up Your Day

One of the main reasons people become bored and unhappy at work is because of a repetitive routine. Although structure and planning is crucial in a job role, if every day is the same then you can begin to feel quite negative about your job role. Instead try to plan different tasks every day and plan to visit customers or clients offsite to get a change of scenery.

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