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How to Stand Out During Your First Day at Work

4884532_mStarting a new job can be really daunting. You don’t know anyone, you’re not fully aware of your working role and you’re turning up to the office… alone.

All of these things combine to make you feel nervous especially if you are trying to integrate into a close-knit team. But don’t fret and remember that you and your CV template were chosen for the job for a reason! Check out our tips below on how to stand out during your first day at work.

• Dress to impress. Most job roles require a dress code anyway and dressing smart can boost your confidence.
• Talk. The best way to feel confident and to get rid of job nerves is by talking to your colleagues. Interact with them and find out hobbies and interests that you might share.
• Socialise. If your team has a lunch pattern, try and fit in with this. Socialising with your colleagues outside of working hours will give you a better opportunity to demonstrate your personality.
• Get to know the office. Familiarise yourself with the lunch hall and bathroom locations so you don’t feel like a ‘newbie’.
• Work hard. This is an obvious one but working hard on your first day is vital as it will demonstrate your work ethos to the employer.
• Be polite!